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EBJ Vol XXVI No 03: Environmental Industry Outlook 2013 - EBJ's Annual Snapshot Survey

EBJ presents detailed results of its annual survey of environmental companies and interviews executives on key trends in markets, clients, regulatory drivers and the general economic picture. Summary tables are presented on growth and profitability in 2008-2012 with a forecast for 2013-2014. Companies also rate client sectors, service categories and U.S. and global geographic regions based on their recent performance and prospects for growth. Responses to open-ended questions on market challenges, management issues and government policy are also presented. Leading firms like AECOM and CH2M HILL are interviewed as well as several small to mid-sized firms competing in the market.


EBJ Vol XXVI No 02: The Future of Fracking - Unconventional Oil & Gas E&P in North America and Around the World

EBJ presents a detailed analysis and outlook of the evolving and still emerging market in hydraulic fracturing and "unconventional" oil and gas development with a focus on environmental services.


EBJ Vol XXV No 12: Executive Review and 2012 EBJ Business Achievement Awards

EBJ's annual edition listing the 2012 EBJ Business Achievement Awards and Q&As with key senior executives in the environmental industry.


EBJ Vol XXV No 11: The U.S. Water Industry

EBJ presents its annual analysis of the $141-billion U.S. water industry with data tables on the industry in 10 subsegments. Interviews and comments by leaders and innovators in consulting & engineering, equipment manufacturing, trade associations and analysts, complement market analysis and list of top companies from both EBJ's databases of Water Equipment & Chemical companies and Consulting & Engineering firms. Key issues are industry outreach to support the evolution towards accurate pricing of water, alternative project delivery and produced water at oil & gas sites.


EBJ Vol XXV No 10: Environmental Consulting & Engineering Industry Review & Outlook

EBJ's annual analysis of the environmental consulting & engineering industry details the $28 billion U.S. industry in market and competitive data, and interviews and profiles large and small companies. M&A continues to be a broad strategic option deployed by many firms, and small firms are kept on their toes with offers coming and advisors suggest they have their house in order. EBJ's annual analysis of the C&E segment of the environmental industry presents data on market size, market breakdowns, growth, forecasts, benchmark perfomance and international revenues by size of firms, and also lists the top 60 U.S. environmental consulting & engineering firms.


EBJ Vol XXV No 08 & 09: Environmental Industry Overview

EBJ presents its annual statistical breakdown on the 14 segments of the U.S. environmental industry with 2009, 2010, and 2011 revenues and growth and an annual average growth forecast for 2012-2014. A discussion of macro industry trends relating to economic cycles and political adminstrations is followed by key concerns of environmental industry and consequences of the 2012 election. EBJ's Beltway Bullets offers a complete political outlook in bullet format. Segment reviews of hazardous waste management, shale gas services, environmental testing, and the UK C&E market are followed by features on green remediation, Q&As with six consulting firms and profiles of four niche firms.


Business Achievement Awards